Festival Guide

Thank you for your interest in the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival. Submissions for 2018 are now open. Click here for more information.



The purpose of the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival is to connect filmmakers with
audiences through visual media that encourages, challenges and inspires us to pursue
positive values and to a greater understanding of the human journey.


  • Entertaining
  • Original
  • Insightful
  • Uplifiting
  • Encouraging
  • and that reinforce positive themes


WR2R will not screen films containing any form of nudity, sexual acts, profanity, or gratuitous
violence. WR2R reserves the full right to make its determination regarding values-based
rejections. We have granted acceptance to screen re-edited films where the filmmakers have
submitted films for the judging process in their original format and then agreed to provide reedited
versions of their films that meet the above criteria prior to being granted a place in the


  • Narrative Feature Film (up to 180 minute)
  • Documentary Feature Film (up to 180 minute)
  • Narrative Short Film (less than 50 minutes)
  • Documentary Short Film (less than 50 minutes)
  • Manitoba Challenge (less than 30 minutes) - see below
  • Children’s Program (Any Length)
  • TV/Webisode/Advertizing/Promotional/Commercial/Music Video (30 seconds to 60 minutes)
  • Screenplay

While the “Narrative Short Film” Category is open to all, “The Manitoba Challenge” Category
is a short film competition for films by Manitobans that are 30 minutes or less in length. The
director, producer, screenwriter and lead actor must be Manitoban. All other positions can
be from other locations. For purposes of this contest, a Manitoban is someone who was
1. Born in Manitoba, OR
2. Who has lived a combined total of a minimum of 5 years in Manitoba.
The Film can be shot on any format (provided it is delivered on DVD as noted) and can be shot
in any location


WR2R is open to a wide variety of genres including but not limited to:

  • Drama
  • Action/Adventure
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Comedy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Family
  • Children's

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


AUDIENCE Choice Awards Winners in each category receive a certificate and cash prize:

  • Best Picture ($250)
  • Winner (All other categories) ($100)
  • Runner-Up
  • Second Runner-Up
  • Official Selection

WR2R at its discretion may choose to award partial or no awards in any particular category.


Entry fees are due at the time of submission, payable to Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival in
Canadian funds (same amount). Entry fees are not refundable.

Projects must be postmarked by the following dates:

$30 September 15, 2015 ($25 on Withoutabox)
$35 October 15, 2015 ($30 on Withoutabox)
$40 November 15, 2015 ($35 on Withoutabox)

All entries must be received by December 5, 2015


Each submission must come on DVD Region 1 or 0. Please submit three DVDs and one
submission form per entry, plus stills on one separate CD and any promotional material and
press kits as outlined on the submission form to:

Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival
c/o North Kildonan MB Church
1315 Gateway Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2G 1G5 Canada

Please note that even if the film is submitted online, if selected, must be received in hard
copy by January 15, 2018 to be considered eligible for the festival.


The individual submitting the film must have the legal authority to do so.
One submission (3 DVD copies of the same film) per entry. DVDs will not be returned
All non-English language films must be subtitled or dubbed in English.
All postage costs, duties etc. are the responsibility of the sender
Even if you submit online, if you are selected for the festival you must submit 3 hard copies
(DVD) to the festival no later than January 15, 2018.
Clearly Label each DVD with a sharpie pen:
1. Film Name
2. Run Time
3. Contact Name, phone number and email


By submitting to WR2R you agree that the festival may use portions of your film and your
publicity material for publicity purposes. WR2R may also copy your publicity material for
publicity purposes without compensation to you.


All submissions to WR2R must hold appropriate rights to music, actors, etc. and be able, if
required, to produce proof of those rights.


By submitting to WR2R you agree there will not be any remuneration to you or your
heirs/assigns for your film whether WR2R charges a gate admission or takes a free will
offering or allows your film to be seen by audiences at no charge.


All filmmakers submitting to WR2R agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless WR2R, its
board, judges, sponsors and partners, individually and collectively, from all claims and
demands, losses, damages, costs and liabilities relating to any films submitted to this festival.


Thank you for your interest in WR2R 2018! We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival.

Whether you are a filmmaker, a distributor, or a film enthusiast – the Festival offers you an exciting look into the latest movies to hit the market. Our goal is to bring you the best in the latest films and TV episodes that will encourage, challenge and inspire us to positive values and a greater understanding of the human journey.

We wish you a wonderful experience at WR2R 2018!

Paul H. Boge, WR2R Film Festival Coordinator


For the details on submitting your feature, short or script please visit our


Thank you.

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Festival Coordinator: Paul H. Boge
Phone: (204) 471 0872
Mailing Address: North Kildonan M. B. Church
1315 Gateway Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2G 1G5